STOPAQ® Sealant

STOPAQ Aquastop is a compound suited for sealing of wall, pipe or cable inlets and hollow spaces, against gases, moisture, standing water and running groundwater leaks. The compound does not build up internal stresses and expands up to 10% when exposed to water. The sealant requires minimum preparation and has no curing time. It can be applied either through a skeleton gun or by hand as it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

STOPAQ Aquastop Adheres to wet and dry surfaces, it remains flexible such that additional cables and ducts can be pushes through and be re-sealed as the Aquastop never sets. Furthermore, the material can be removed and re-used so there is no waste. The system can resist up to 0.3 bar ground water pressure and is contained within the duct by a 50mm thick barrier plug of water resistant or fire retarding mortar.