Rawell Environmental Ltd supplies products and services to diverse areas of the petrochemical, construction and civil engineering industries. In the Petrochemical and Power sector Rawell provides solutions for the control and secondary containment of hydrocarbons within Refineries, Bulk Storage Terminals, Airports and Power supply substations. In addition to the Rawmat® systems Rawell act as distributors for Stopaq Corrosion prevention systems, a unique visco-elastic “live” coating to pipelines, valves and flanges which offer long term protection against corrosion. There is a close synergy between the Rawell and Stopaq product lines with overlap of clients and contractors utilising the two systems.

The Rawmat® membrane range link with the Stopaq Sealant system in the Structural Waterproofing sector where the Rawmat® HDB provides a high quality waterproofing to the building envelope from under the base slab and up the walls of basement structures. The weak point of any basement is the penetrations which pass through the waterproofing system employed. Stopaq Sealant system is a permanently flexible compound used to seal wall, pipe or cable inlets against gases, moisture, standing water or running ground water leaks.

In civil engineering the Rawmat® HDB provides a flexible long term solution for Environmental Protection projects ranging from Landfill and Waste Disposal to the control and encapsulation of a wide variety of contaminates.

In the Landscaping sector the Rawmat® HDB membranes provide flexible aesthetically pleasing water features, canal lining and water storage reservoirs. The prehydrated clay core of the Rawmat® HDB membrane provide secure long term performance in a simple, easy to install roll of “clay carpet”.