Structural Waterproofing

RAWMAT® HDB is used on both small and major projects both in the UK and all over the world, it provides long lasting high security waterproofing that is able to self-heal minor damage and withstand movement of the structure whilst maintaining the integrity of the building.

This unique system of prehydrated natural sodium bentonite has been carefully developed to overcome the inherent disadvantages and shortcomings of dry bentonite GCL's and other waterproofing systems.

RAWMAT® HDB is ideal for overcoming difficult ground conditions or arduous design criteria and has been extensively tested to guarantee waterproofing of the structure for the life of the building, benefits which are ideal for PFI and Design & Build projects.

This high quality solution ensures the best of both worlds. Specifiers can rely on simple detailing which is easy to specify into a variety of waterproofing applications, while contractors value the time and money saved in installation and the ability of the membrane to self-heal minor puncturing due to the ‘active’ nature of the system.

The ultimate winner is the client who benefits from a most cost competitive and high performance design to satisfy their waterproofing needs.