Environmental Protection

RAWMAT® HDB membrane linings are used extensively in environmental protection applications all over the world. This unique system of pre-hydrated natural sodium bentonite is ideal for providing long-term resistance to contamination for a wide variety of projects. This long-term effectiveness and reliability are assured by Rawell’s emphasis on rigorous, ongoing, life-time testing of all its materials with a wide variety of permeants.

RAWMAT® HDB offers the dual advantage of being equally effective whether used to prevent contamination reaching unpolluted water or to contain contaminated materials in order to protect the surrounding environment. The Rawell system is sufficiently practical and flexible to overcome the most difficult ground conditions or the most arduous design criteria.

Key applications include tank farms, filling station forecourts, transformer bunding and trench lining as well as landfill bases, landfill caps and the impounding of waste on site. Other successful projects have included extensive use for the creation of reed bed water cleaning systems, to line burial pits for carcasses and to line golf course lakes built on disused landfill sites.

RAWMAT® HDB solution ensures the best of both worlds. Specifiers can rely on flexible and proven long-term solutions to a range of environmental protection problems, while contractors value the time and money saved in transport and installation as well as the ability to self-heal minor puncturing of the membrane.