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RAWMAT® HDB : Type Slabseal Range


For below-ground structures, walls and roofing projects.

For “post-fix” Structural Waterproofing applications, on walls and buried roof/plaza decks. The HDPE layer provides protection and assists the flow of liquid away from the structure.

The Slabseal SS1 series of membranes are produced in rolls of 1m width, 5m long, and can be handled manually.

The Slabseal SS2 series of membranes are produced in rolls of 2m width, 30m long, and lend themselves to swifter coverage.

RAWMAT® Slabseal consists of a non-woven perforated scrim layer, a factory prehydrated natural sodium bentonite central core and a thin polyethylene layer. The scrim allows intimate contact between the bentonite core and the concrete to which it is applied, the polyethylene layer prevents ingress of water to the bentonite central core and provides a dual sealing layer, in the Structural Waterproofing sector.

Used mainly in the Structural Waterproofing sector the thin perforated polyester scrim on one side of the Type Slabseal membrane allows for migration of the bentonite to bond to the concrete on slabs, walls and buried rooves and tunnels. The other side of the prehydrated clay core is a polyethylene sheet with a non-woven fleece which adheres to the clay and offers protection to the core when applied to the structure providing a “double layer” of protection. The Rawmat® HDB Type Slabseal is laid with the scrim side to the structure in a post applied application with the polyethylene side preventing further hydration of the bentonite core when it rains.